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Insert AdSense Ads On WordPress

Insert AdSense Ads On WordPress

Monetizing a website is relatively easy if we have clear objectives of the Blog, Shop or Company page developed in WordPress and we have an account in Google Adsense . If not buy adsense account.

Through this service of Google it is possible to insert advertising directed to the profiles that visit our web so that its clicks become economic results that allow to sustain the page and something more, after all the limit you put it.

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Writing Articles for Zerys

Writing Articles for Zerys

Zerys, previously known as Interact Media, is the writing site similar to Textbroker that hires freelance writers to write articles on a variety of topics and get paid.

About The Work

When you sign up, Zerys will assign you a writing level depending on your writing sample. The writing level will determine the assignment you see on your dashboard when you login. Zerys have four writing levels from two to five. If Zerys assign you a writing level of four, you can see and write the assignments available for level 2-4 writers but you won’t be able to see the assignments available for level five writers. Once you select an assignment, you have to write and submit the article within the deadline mentioned in the assignment.

Application Requirement

You do not require any writing experience but you must be a native English speaker to apply and start writing articles for Zerys.

Application Process

To apply and start writing articles for Zerys, you have to fill out an online application form with your general details and select the categories you want to write about. Then you have to submit a writing sample covering one of the selected categories. After your application is reviewed and accepted, you can start writing articles for Zerys.

Article Ownership

If a client selects your article, they will acquire the article rights and you won’t be able to use the article any more.

How much does Interact Media pay?

The money you make depends on the number of articles you write as well as the rate per word you charge for writing the article. You can either charge a flat rate per word for every client or set different rates for different clients. Sometimes, a client may request you to write for them at a lower rate but it is up to you to decide whether you accept the assignment on not.

Zerys takes 30% of your earning as commission so you must set the rate per word accordingly before you start writing articles for Zerys.

Method of Payment

Zerys pays their writers on the 1st and 15th of every month via PayPal.

Worldwide Opportunity?

Zerys hires native English speakers to write articles for them.

Independent Contractor

Zerys will hire you as an independent contractor so you have to manage your taxes.

Most of reviews I read about Zerys are positive, but, like most other freelance writing sites, the work is not always available.

Ubiqus Work From Home Jobs

Ubiqus Work From Home Jobs

Ubiqus is a company based in Paris that has been in business since 1991. Ubiqus hires people for various work from home positions globally.


Ubiqus hires workers for several work from home positions including verbatim transcription, medical transcription, summary writing, translator, interpreter, foreign-language transcription, audio technician and audience response technician.


To apply to Ubiqus work from home jobs, you must have a high-speed internet connection and a quiet work environment. If you’re applying for the position of transcriptionist, you must have a foot pedal and a headset.

Although Ubiqus hires people without experience, having some previous experience will be counted as an added advantage. If you’re new in the field of transcription, I would suggest you to get some paid practice on sites like Scribie and CastingWords before you apply for Ubiqus work from home jobs.


You have to fill out an online form with your general details, work experience and submit the form along with a resume and cover letter. If your application is shortlisted, Ubiqus will contact you via email or telephone to discuss more details about the opportunity.

Then you have to take an online test to prove your skills in the position you are applying for. On successful completion of the test, you can start working for Ubiqus work from home jobs.


There is no information on their website about the exact rate of payment, but you can expect the payment to be at par with the industry-standard.

I did some research and found out that Ubiqus pays their transcribers $60 $100 per audio hour. But I could not find the pay rate for their other work from home positions.

Ubiqus hires their workers as independent contractors and pays every two weeks.


You can expect a steady workflow most of the time, but the work is not always consistent. It is advisable to work for some other transcription companies to get a steady flow of work.


People based in the United States can apply for Ubiqus transcription opportunity. For other positions, Ubiqus accepts application from worldwide.

Ghostbloggers Make Money Selling Articles

Ghostbloggers Make Money Selling Articles

Ghost bloggers is a content marketplace similar to Constant Content that allows content writers to sell articles on their site and make money.


You have to sign-up by filling out a form with your general details to get started. Once you login to their website, you can immediately start submitting your articles. After your article is checked and approved by their editors, Ghostbloggers will add the article on their dashboard for sale. If a buyer purchases your article, you get paid.


Anyone can apply and submit their articles to Ghostbloggers however; Ghostbloggers will check every article for plagiarism before posting the article on their listing for sale.


You can set your own rate per article but the standard pricing for Ghostbloggers is $3.50 for every 100 words. You can order your payment if you have at least $25 in your account.


Ghostbloggers pays via PayPal. You will receive your payment after 30 calendar days from the date you order your payment.


Ghostbloggers only accept articles from native English speaking writers.


Ghostbloggers will not deduct a commission from your earnings but will add an additional 30% on your set price before listing the article for sale.


As soon as a buyer purchases your article, all copyright is transferred to the buyer and you won’t be able to claim or use the article any more.

Although the rate per word that you can make at Ghost bloggers is more than what you get writing for content mills. However, I would recommend you not to count Ghost bloggers as your only source of income since submitting an article or an article getting approved does not mean you will make any money unless the article is sold.