Insert AdSense Ads On WordPress

Insert AdSense Ads On WordPress

Monetizing a website is relatively easy if we have clear objectives of the Blog, Shop or Company page developed in WordPress and we have an account in Google Adsense . If not buy adsense account.

Through this service of Google it is possible to insert advertising directed to the profiles that visit our web so that its clicks become economic results that allow to sustain the page and something more, after all the limit you put it.

It is obvious that the quality of your content , that these contribute additional value, that your web present a navigable and usable structure and that there is continuity in the publication of information are fundamental part to obtain results that are transformed into benefits reported by means of campaigns or Advertising using Google Adsense . To do this task in WordPress we use the Google AdSense Account plugin that allows you to set parameters of the ads to display, such as format (ad text, image, text with a picture or link), size, color of the elements In the ad unit, rounded corners, and the position of the ad unit on the web. The plugin Google AdSense for Best WebSoft is available in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian.

The location and installation of the plugin can be done from the WordPress dashboard, Plugins, Add new:

Select the first plugin that appears in the search and click on “Install now”.

Once installed the plugin we activate it.

We must have an account in Google Adsense in order to use an advertising campaign through a banner on our WordPress website.

In the following capture we can see how to configure our Google Adsense ID and set the desired banner size:

To position the widget in your theme you will have to go to Appearance, Widgets and drag the block “Adsense” to the position of the right in which you want that the block of publicity of Google Adsense appears.

It is possible to say that one of the differences of having a own web realized in WordPress outside the domains of has among other advantages being able to show advertising of Google Adsense, Yahoo or other oriented advertising platforms without imposing restrictions in this sense .

The service does not allow the use of third party advertising on the websites hosted on your platform unless you have a VIP account . In Webcompresa you will not have this problem if you host your WordPress project through one of our Hosting Plans .

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